Who we are

Pérez Donoso offers outstanding service based on confidence, tight bonds, long term relationship and legal advice rendered in a timely manner.

The difference will be based not only on the professional excellence but also on the strong bonds made among our lawyers and their clients. We are convinced that confidence is the base for successfully handling any legal affair that may arise with a person or a company.

When someone hires our services we strive to fulfill the client´s expectations and trust, offering the means to handle any legal situation to their maximum benefit, be this in local or foreign legal systems. We will consider ourselves satisfied only when our clients feel that all resources have been optimized or that their situation could not be handled more suitably

The following premises determine the difference in our way of working:

Team Work
Human Relations


In order to provide lasting and good counsel, a constant updating is not enough, it is also necessary to be aware and study issues whose future application could influence client´s decision. That is way we have lawyers who are continuously studying and investigating about certain topics, such as Tax Courts, Class Actions and others related to national concerns.