/ Tax Law

/ Corporate Law

/ Private International Law

/ Banking & Finance Law

/ Civil Law

/ Labor Law

/ Mining Law

/ Constitutional Law

/ Administrative Law

/ Public Health Law

/ Criminal Law

/ Regulation & Antitrust

/ Family Law

/ Litigation

Tax Law

National and International Tax Planning
Tax conseling on business reorganization
General Tax Law for Companies
General Tax Law for Individuals
Labor Law Taxation
Tax Controversy and Litigation
Transfer Pricing
International Agreements against Double Taxation
Land Property Tax

Corporate Law

Company and partnership incorporation, takeover and restructuring
Minority Partner’s Defense
Shareholder’s Agreement
Legalization of Foreign Companies Agencies
Franchising, distribution and counseling contracts
Issuance of Debentures
Mergers and Acquisitions

Private International Law

International Contracts
Free Trade Agreements
Import and Export Transactions
Conflict of Laws
International Arbitration and Litigation

Banking & Finance Law

Chilean Central Bank Controls
General National Regulations
Capital Market Regulations
Registration Procedures
International Loans
Foreign Investment

Civil Law

General Practice
Product Liability
Intellectual Property
Real Estate Projects
Consumer Law
Dispute Resolution

Labor Law

Negotiation and contract drafting
Labor Taxation
Labor Litigation
Collective Negotiations
Company qualifications in human resources

Mining Law

Mining Concessions
Mining Corporations
Purchase and Registry of Mining Rights
Taxation in Mining Law
Exploration and Exploitation Agreements
Environmental Actions
Mining Indemnifications

Constitutional Law

Protection of Constitutional Guarantees
Constitutional Court Procedures

Administrative Law

Public & Municipal Contracts
Public Offers
Public Licenses & Administrative Permits
Representation in presence of National Authorities

Public Health Law

Regulation (Health Registry and modifications)
Health Trials
Administrative Resources (ISP – MINSAL)
Pharmaceutics and Cosmetic Labs
Cosmetic Imports/Exports

Criminal Law

Economic, Financial and Taxation Crimes
Private Property Crime Defenses
Journalism and Information Crime Defenses
Infringements to the Tax Code: Banking Law in general and on crimes related to economic and financial legislation

Regulation & Antitrust

Concessions of Services and Public Work
Bidding Processes and Agreements Antitrust Trials
Acquisition, Fusions and Joint Ventures
Advice on Antitrust for Business
Economic and Antitrust Reports


Civil and Commercial General Litigation
Winding-up Procedures
Consumer Protection Litigation
Contractual and Extracontractual
Class Action
Tax Controversy and Litigation
Antitrust Suits and Defenses
National and International Arbitration
Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
Constitutional Actions and Guarantees

Family Law

Food pensions
Personal care
Direct and Regular Relation
International kidnapping
Approval of foreign judgements
Legal separation
Declaration of Homestead
Property regimes
Marriage contracts Judicial authorization to leave the country
Domestic violence Rights Violations