Mr. Lindor Pérez Gazitúa, Mr. Guillermo Pérez Gazitúa and Mr. Alfredo Donoso Molina founded Pérez Donoso Law Firm in 1912. Since then, many outstanding attorneys and lawyers' offspring of the original founders, have participated in this traditional law office.

Our law firm has had extensive experience in Merger & Acquisitions, reorganizing and restructuring commercial enterprises, in local as well as in international markets, counseling for conflicts of interests, collective bargaining, and legal assistance in buying - selling properties, financing obligations Bankruptcy & insolvency, Wills and Inheritance Issues, and other actions which tend to adapt to the current conditions of the Chilean financial market.

Currently Pérez Donoso has a team of highly qualify lawyers specialized in legal areas such as, civil, tax planning, commercial, labor, family, criminal law, as well judicial procedures. This law firm is made up by more than twenty lawyers, administrative and support staff.